• Mission

DGS is proud to service related to earth science “including geology and environment, prospecting and exploration, mining, oil and gas, civil, geotechnical and geological engineering, water resources (groundwater and surface water) and geophysics” to the customers in the best economical-technical quality on time, using internal or external skillful experts.


  • Vision
Mining is the best unfailing capital for investors by continued value creation comes from DGS services.


  • Goals
  1. Continually Innovating and augmenting quality of services to get high grade satisfaction of customers.
  2. Getting all related certificates and standardizing services.
  3. Optimizing and improving resources and competitive advantage for developing market.
  4. Extending SBUs “strategic business units” according to more than 40% of customer’s need.
  5. Export services to abroad countries.


  • COE

DGS Committed to provide customer satisfaction and keep to go on a frameworks planned for equilibrium among quality, cost and time of services. Managers, staff and employee have to be consider and do these follow:

  1. Progressive increasing of customer satisfaction.
  2. Progressive increasing of competitive advantage in all markets.
  3. Progressive increasing of  DGS human resources.
  4. continually improving of quality management.
  5. Extending of technology