Certainly, knowledge and experience are two inseparable issues to get succeed in projects and improve the quality of services. These establish the creativity and modern technology. So, DGS with the mission of superior quality in services, supports all it’s experts in gaining new technologies with maximum flexibility.

Our connection with scientific institutes and supervisors, has been the key of succeed in projects. so, we’ve emphasized in our plan to extend these communications. this is why we call supervisors and high grade universities to cooperating us in projects.

Some professors who have blessed our company in the projects are as follow:

  • Mohammad-reza Sahandi, Geology
  • Bahram Samani, Prospecting & exploration
  • Iraj Yousefi, Mining
  • Shobeir Arshad-nejhad, Mining
  • Farzin Kalantari, Geotechnics
  • Mehrdad Soleimani, Geophysics, Oil & Gas
  • Abdol-reza Ghods, Seismology
  • Abdol-vahid Aghasi, Water resources
  • Behzad Shomali, Civil
  • Hesam Tabibian, Architecture
  • Rouzbeh Abbasi, Civil, Environment
  • Faisal Khan, HSE