DGS services are as follows:

  1. Consulting and technical services in all stages contain preliminary to detailed study, designing, supervision and technical-economical feasibility study of planes in Geology, Prospecting and Exploration, Mining, Civil and Geotechnics, Geophysics,Water resources, Surveying and Environmental engineering.
  2. Engineering services in IT and Ground excavations.
  3. Engineering services as consulting, planning, project controlling and supervision for executing of projects containing of Water, Power, Oil, Gas, Petro-chemistary industrial, Dams, Powers plans (Hydro-electric, Thermal power stations, Combined cycle power plans), Renewable energies, Ports, marine structures and foundations, industrial factories and same industrial.
  4. Participation in overseas and international projects containing of exporting engineering services, trading, R & D and technical inspection.
  5. Logistic services  as procurement and other required services in related projects.
  6. Participation in Civil & Industrial projects as EP, EPC, EPCM, EMC